Vulture includes Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” as one of their best songs of the week. Buy/Stream the song here and watch the video here.

Justice for Witness! I make that proclamation with all seriousness — even though Perry’s last album was seemingly bereft of the type of smash hits she’s built her career on, it’s likely to age well as a gently experimental, electro-focused pop album that diverged from her time-tested brand of inspo-pop. Still, she obviously had to change it up a little for her new era, and her latest single “Never Really Over” comes off as a capable and surprisingly effective split between her previously established talent for soaring anthems and the gooey dance sound that was smeared across Witness, with a synth-led chorus that Robyn would more than appreciate. Check the video, too, which gives off a serious and (hopefully) self-aware cultish vibe suitable for anyone that’s steeling themselves for Midsommar. —Larry Fitzmaurice

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