Billboard have shared their review of the opening night of Katy Perry’s Las Vegas residency “PLAY.”

It could be said that Katy Perry sealed her fate for a Las Vegas Strip residency back in 2009 when she gave the world her single “Waking Up in Vegas” — an infectious addition to the city’s songbook.

The superstar’s well-laid destiny became a reality on Dec. 29 with the opening of Play at the freshly minted AEG Presents/Concerts West Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas, where she left another unforgettable mark on the Strip in front of a sold-out, all-ages crowd of 5,000 loudly purring KatyCats.

This almost two-hour wild ride through “Perry Playland” transports the audience into another dimension of rainbow fluff, heart-shaped confetti and larger-than-life anthropomorphic household objects — it’s part fantasy, part hallucination and thoroughly high-camp Perry.
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