Las Vegas Review-Journal has posted their review of Katy Perry’s ‘PLAY’.

As promised in a video posted on social media this week, Perry delivered the hits and fan favorites, picking over her best-selling and most-streamed songs. “Waking Up In Vegas” was a natural. “Hot n Cold,” “California Gurls,” “I Kissed a Girl,” “Teenage Dream” and “Roar” in the mix. Perry also uncorked her new release with Alesso, “When I’m Gone.”

The show unfolds in storybook fashion with five chapters, or acts starring the animated Katy Doll (an animated version of Perry). The story unspools, inspired by “Alice in Wonderland,” until the crowning segment, “Perry Playland,” is performed on a giant staircase that hearkened to the fabulous topless “feather” Vegas shows of a bygone era.

Perry spoke of her aunt and grandmother, both of whom worked on the “Lido de Paris” production at the Stardust. That was the iconic hotel-casino that once stood where Resorts World stands today. Both of Perry’s relatives have since passed. The superstar mentioned her grandmother by name, Ann Pearl Hudson, and said she could feel familiar vibrations during the show, calling out, “Don’t you find it kind of serendipitous that, maybe 30-plus years later, I would be standing on this very stage, on the floor, on the grounds, where my family gave their blood, sweat and tears.”

Maybe that’s where Perry gets her sense of grandeur, her wild imagination and appreciation of Vegas spectacle. She’s funny, fearless, fit for the task. Even Mr. Maskie can’t conceal the appeal of Perry’s “Play.”
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