Katy Perry spoke with Women’s Wear Daily about the Spring 2022 line of Katy Perry Collections shoes and taking complete control over the company.

Perry first launched her shoe brand with the intention of offering quirky, unique styles at an affordable price. She intends to focus on that mission with the relaunch starting with this spring collection, which is priced at $39 to $129. Her goal is to continue growing the brand with new collections and possibly expanding to kid’s offerings and handbags. She’d also like to continue the brand’s sustainability efforts by incorporating more eco-friendly materials in the footwear.

“They are elevated personality pieces at a really great price point that you can’t find all the time,” Perry concluded. “You can get some classics out there at a good price point, but something that has a real quirky sense of humor or is playful, usually you’re having to spend between $450 to $750. My fans can’t always splurge like that. I’m super mindful of them and I’m reminded of where I was when I was in my 20s financially, so I want to honor that while still being able to offer the customer something really quality and really fun.”
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