The Recording Academy has put together a list of 7 things to know about Katy Perry’s perfectly outrageous Vegas residency PLAY.

…and she sounds fantastic
Lest anyone think Perry’s occasionally cartoonish affect means she isn’t a serious artist, Play is here to remind you that it’s possible to have fun and still sing your goddamn heart out.

Perry’s voice has never sounded better, thanks in part to the incredible L-Acoustics sound system installed in the Resorts World Theatre. It’s something Perry could never really take with her on an arena tour where she’d have to worry about rigging and rafters, and it allows for an immersive 360-degree sound design that’s not dissimilar from what you might hear in a movie theater or on an amusement park ride. The sound seemingly comes from everywhere, including below your seat, and Perry’s voice is as clear and lovely as a bell.

Play is the future

While Perry has certain advantages with Play — a stationary space to build the show around, for instance — it’s hard to see how the show won’t affect the live music world at large. As ticket prices rise, audiences want to see more and more of a show. They want lights and video and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that feel spur of the moment.

Perry’s show delivers all of that, and it sets the bar high not just for future Vegas residencies, but also for future arena tours. The way Perry plays with video to create depth of stage is inspiring, as is the creative way she’s staged her band in stacked boxes to the side of the stage. Perry is playing outside the box here — no pun intended — and the industry would be wise to learn from her example.
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